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Replacement tips

Replacement tips

Tips can get damaged, but that does not mean the paint pen is useless. 

If your tips are damaged you can get replacements right here for your 1mm, 1.5mm and 3mm paint pens (Sold in sets of 6 each)


Simply remove your current tip and replace it with your new ones and your pen will be brand new. 

Replacement tips for 1mm pens are plastic.

Replacement tips for 1.5mm and 3mm paint pens are felt.


How to fix a dry acrylic paint pen

The easiest way to check if your paint pen is actually dry or just clogged, be on the lookout for paint coming out "blobbing" out the sides of the nib when you pump it. The nib may look dirty as well. This means your pen is not dry, it's clogged! You can try to unclog and use the same tip, or choose to buy replacement nibs if the old ones are also blunt or scratchy, and start fresh.

How to change an acrylic paint pen tip/nib

  • The barrel of the pen still has paint, so your first step while changing the paint pen tip for a new one is to leave the pen secured on a tall glass or pen holder.
  • Remove the old nib with a soft pair of tweezers while keeping the pen with the top up so the paint doesn't fall out.
  • Place the new nib in the pen (for felt tips, you should introduce the thinner part of the tip in the pen, for plastic tips introduce the end with a small ball-shaped area).
  • Push VERY GENTLY until the nib is correctly placed in the pen. 
  • Follow the steps on the side of the paint pen or box to prime it.

Paint pen is dry after changing the tip

The felt nib is simply too dry to let the paint move, think of it as trying to wash the dishes with a dry sponge.

Keep doodling or pumping gently until you see the tip has gained the colour of the paint.


How to prevent paint pens from clogging and drying

It's very difficult to restore paint pen tips after they have been left to dry dirty with paint, you can try removing and soaking the nib in warm water for a few minutes (pat dry before placing it again in the pen) - but if this doesn't work, you should purchase replacement tips for your paint pens.

It is very important to look after your paint pens and always replace the lids properly to prevent them drying. Our younger artists sometimes forget or lack the finger strength to do this properly. It pays to double check every time after use.

What’s the best storage solution for my pens?

Whatever your choice may be we do suggest a few essential points;

  • Away from direct sunlight
  • Around room temperature (do not want them in hot or cold conditions)
  • Lay them flat to prevent leaks and drying paint
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jess Williams
Replacement tips

Brings old pens back to life

Helena Duiker
Replacement tips

The Replacement tips for either 3mm or 1 mm
Is a great way to have on hand , when your tip stops working

No more throwing a pen out just change the tip , it’s that easy

Kelly Walz
So useful

Love that the nibs can be replaced, means that I don't need to waste a whole pen just because the tip dried up (had a long break from painting).

Lyn Churchyard
More nibs are never enough

6 nibs? No, no, no! I need more, much more 😄
I'm painting so many tocks, I wear some nibs out in a week.

Sharon Reeves
Replacement tips


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