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Creative Kids Shimmer & Stix Kit
Creative Kids Shimmer & Stix Kit
Creative Kids Shimmer & Stix Kit

The Life of Colour Creative Kids Voucher kits were created in collaboration with a NSW early learning educator. Each of them comes with a fun activity sheet that will teach the kids new skills. The art supplies can be later reused for more educational creative fun!

We are on standby to help you and your children with any additional questions they have related to their kits.

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Creative Kids Shimmer & Stix Kit

This kit includes our brand new Silky Paint Stix, our fantastic Shimmer bundle (a pack of metallic paint pens and a pack of glitter paint pens) and a DIGITAL online lesson plan. 

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About our Silky Paint Stix

  • 🖌 Our Silky Paint Stix are silky crayons, that means they're solid but blend like liquid paint. Just take the cap off, rotate the bottom until your Silky Paint Stix is about half a centimeter out of the tube and enjoy!
  • 🦄 Perfect for art kits to keep the kids entertained while on the car, the doctor's office or playdates
  • 🌵The quickest drying paint sticks/silky crayons on the market guaranteed!
  • 🍭 12 vibrant classic colours including yellow, orange, red, light green, dark green, white, hot pink, sky blue, dark blue, purple, black and brown.
  • 👩‍🎨 No water needed
  • 🎨 No mess, washable from clothing, tables and walls
  • ⭐️ Enjoy creating art projects on paper, cardboard, wood and other surfaces
  • 🎨 They are non toxic, odourless and safe for all ages. Children 0-3 should be supervised
  • 🌈 Playful art tools. Both kids and adults will have hours of fun!

About our paint pens

  • In this kit you'll get: Metallic 1mm paint pens + Glitter 3mm paint pens
  • 🖌 Our paint pens are highly pigmented water-based art pens filled with acrylic paint, for use on any surface
  • ⭐️  Multi-purpose. Enjoy creating art projects on virtually any surface: fabric, textile, canvas, metal, pottery, treated wood, plastic, stone, terra-cotta, polymer clay, rock & more. Resistant to water, fading, and abrasion
  • 🦋 Child Friendly! They are non toxic, odourless and safe for all ages
  • 👩‍🎨 Our paint pens are silk-matt, quick-drying and have an incredible opacity
  • 🎨 Get outdoors and be adventurous. Take them on holiday and get creative. Perfect for rock painting (please see our Rock Painting guide here)
  • 🌈 Playful art tools. Both kids and adults will have hours of fun making art on any surface. Add colour to anything with Life of Colour Paint Pens!