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5 crafts kids can make for Father’s day

Making handmade gift for Father's day is the best way to show Dad you love him! You can create matching sets for all the dads in the family, and spread love through colour and creativity!

Kids and teens of all ages can make these amazing crafts to celebrate Father's day.

Cutout rainbow canvas

This colourful craft comes from Curious Columbus and is the perfect opportunity to make art for Dad that can be displayed all year round. Blend the vibrant Silky Stix into the canvas to make a fantastic piece for Father’s day.

The Silky Paint Stix + Mini Canvas with Easel + Stencils art kit is the perfect combo under $50 for any young artists in the family.

1. Print out or trace the word DAD. Cut out the individual letters and lightly stick the letters to your Life of Colour canvas. You can use washi tape to mask the letters as well.

2. Kids can now colour the canvas with the creamy Silky Paint Stix - don’t worry about covering the DAD letters because we will remove these later to reveal the reserved area below.

Our Silky Paint Stix are water based, chunky paint sticks with poster paint that are used as an alternative to tubes of paint, jars of water and paint brushes, with the same painterly effect.

3. Peel off the DAD sticker to reveal the fantastic work of art! Ready to display in the wooden easel that comes with the set.

    “You’re my world” rock

    Did you know Silky Paint Stix work on surfaces other than paper? They are fantastic on rocks as well!

    Craft by Stacey Montford

    1. Prime your rock for the best result.
    2. Find the Earth stencil on this stencil pack, and trace it onto the rock.
    3. Colour the Earth using light blue and green, and finish off the border with a deep blue.
    4. Wait for the Stix layer to dry and use your metallic fine tip paint pens to draw all the lines and letter something lovely for Dad.

    Some ideas are: “my world”, “You’re my world” or “World’s best dad”

    “You’re the coolest” wood slice

    Who doesn't love a good pun? Create a fun token of appreciation for Dad using the ever creamy Silky Stix and wood slices. Our wood slices come in a set of 24, so you'll have enough to keep making art after this celebration.

    Craft by Stacey Montford

    1. Prime the wood slice to make the blending easier for the kids.
    2. Pick out the colours of the rainbow from your box of Silky Paint Stix - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
    3. Paint a stripe with each colour following the order and then use your finger to blend them together.
    4. Wait for this layer to quickly dry - the Silky Stix are very quick drying!
    5. Use your fine tip paint pens to draw a fun doodle for Dad: an ice lolly that reads “Dad, you are the COOLEST!”

    Dad's favourite topic rocks

    Think of Dad's favourite comic books, movie franchises, topics and characters from TV and put your rock painting skills to work.

    Here's a wonderful Star Wars rock collection skillfully created by @ruthless_artist

    Is your dad a dinosaur fan or Jurassic Park fan? (Rock collection by @ruthless_artist)

    SuperDad mug

    The iconic Superman shaped design is without doubt one of the most recognisable superhero symbols- so we thought it would look great on a coffee mug with a message to Dad!

    Craft by Stacey Montford

    1. Choose a mug to paint! You could use an old one from the cupboard or purchase a new one from the store. A plain coloured cup will work best.
    2. Draw the shape of a gem onto the top centre of the mug. You can choose to create a thick lined gem or colour the gem in completely.
    3. Add an “A” in the centre of the gem and complete the word by adding two smaller “D”s on both sides (if you coloured the gem shape in, wait for that step to dry first).
    4. In uppercase letters, paint the word “super” across the top of the gem. You can add a custom message below, like “our superhero”, a favourite family catchphrase, a personal joke or a nickname that is used for your Dad.

    After the paint dries, place the mug into a cold oven and set the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Allow the oven to come to temperature for about 10 minutes, then bake the mug for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven. Do not open the oven until it has cooled completely.

      Additionally you could also give the mug a spray with a clear adhesive spray paint to further protect your masterpiece!

      What will you be making?

      Show us your wonderful Father's day crafts and share your crafty celebrations with us and the Life of Colour community.

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