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How to make Anzac Day memorable in lockdown

Anzac Day this year will be celebrated quite differently from many years in the past. The Australian War Memorial will go ahead with a private televised Anzac Day service on the 25th of April 2020. The traditional Dawn Service, National Ceremony and veterans’ march will not take place.

The Life of Colour team has a few found ideas and suggestions to help you to safely pause in your homes, in honour of veterans and the Australian spirit.

Driveway celebrations- Every Australian can participate in an Anzac Day commemoration of their own this year by staging a driveway stand-still moment of silence.
This idea has stemmed from RSL NSW in response to a cancellation announcement for all public Anzac Day services.
Along with your driveway standstill you could create a collection of painted poppy rocks and display some Anzac posters. 
Take a copy of our “poppy hill” poster and bring it to life with your Life of Colour paint markers.
A nice addition to your moment in silence could be to arrange some rocks in the shape of a wreath in your driveway and as the traditional flowers for Anzac Day are poppies (along with rosemary sprigs for greenery) which was the main inspiration for our printable poster. In addition to the poster we have a poppy hill rock tutorial for you to try in a few simple steps.

Poppy hill rock tutorial 

Step one: 
Using a blend of your green Life of Colour paint pens create a set of rolling hills with a pale blue sky in the background.
Step two:
Add a bright cheerful yellow sun in the centre of your rolling hills and add some yellow lines to represent sunbeams. 
Step three:
Place random sized green stems for the poppy flowers in the foreground of the image.

Step four:

Poppy flowers add the next element for our commemorative rock, using a red paint pen with odd small shapes which we will later add more details to. At the base of the poppy flowers spread some tiny specks of red to represent more scattered poppy flowers.

Step five:

Fine detailing using the 1mm black comes last, starting with the centre of the poppy flowers then moving outward creating petals in assorted frilly shapes until all of the red has been included into the flower. Continue to place black outlines around the stems, hills and sun. 

We hope you have a memorable Anzac Day with your family this year and thank you all for thinking of others and staying safe.

Here's an example of the coloured poster template with watercolour pens:


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